Wow this is my first blog post ever. Im so excited to start sharing my adventures! Awhile ago, I created a large bird necklace by making a resin cast of a duck someone had donated to me ... I may have ruined the dining room table but I love the finished piece. For this project I wanted to illustrate quiet strength. I envisioned the facade of a swan with the heart and ferocity of a lion.  

When the costume was finally completed. My sister Katie, and best friend, Andi, went up to Tettegouche state park on the North Shore and began our adventure. We snowshoed out to one of the highest waterfalls in Minnesota at dusk. It was cold enough so we crept onto the ice and set up for the shot. Katie was in charge of the pyrotechnics. Andi, even though it was -5 degrees threw her jacket off and became the swan.  As Katie let off the smokebombs, we tried not to die of choking from the smoke. I think Andi did an incredible job transforming into the swan. Scroll down to the last image to see the final product. :)